movie castandcrew behindthescenes camera press
vimeoCheck out what the Canon EOS Mark II can do, too. All the REJOUER behind the scenes pictures and video clips were shot on the Canon EOS Mark II.
Life on the INSIDE
Cain’s cell block creates an authentic view of what it is like on the inside when you’re being held for murder
PRISONERS of Passion
12 hour shoot days and close working quarters for 1st AD Aaron Billet, DP Mike Mickens, AC Nikki Gray, Director Liam Finn, and Sound Mixer Juan Nunez.
BLOODY Good Make-Up
Lancer Shull gets a touch up from the make-up department for a scene involving a hospital setting.
SOUND of Silence
Sound Mixer Juan Nunez waits to roll sound between takes.
DEAD Again
EMT actors Jason Schutt and Melanie Snell chat over Summer Still, who plays Judge Heffron’s murdered wife.
Here comes the SHOT LIST
Director Liam Finn reviews the shot list for a shooting sequence located at the Superior Court.