movie castandcrew behindthescenes camera press
Staying on TRACK
With sixty-eight camera set-ups planned for the day, the crew listens to Liam’s instructions on a POV shot using the dolly.
INVENTING a New Future
for Filmmakers

REJOUER Technical Advisor Illya Friedman invented the Hot Rod PL adapter with a focus on independent film. His adapter makes it easy to mount professional lenses on the affordable GH1.
Camera operator Theo Pingarelli and AC Carl Ratajski discuss the technical operation of the lightweight GH1.
Director and 1st AD discuss some pick-up shots created using the GH1 on a tripod.
Gaffer Fabio Mori Ikezake sets up the super thin Rosco LitePad HO that runs on double A batteries, or on AC power, and comes with a dimmer.
STEADY as He Goes
Steady cam operator Rand Gampbell shoots with the GH1 mounted on his rig. The camera weighs less than 1 lb., making it easy to design simple mounting options.