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vimeoSame Day, New Problem
When Cain Nowak wakes up in his jail cell starting the same day over again,
he has 12 hours to change a future...hers.
RE·JOU·ER (ri-joo-wey)
v. French
To play again; to replay

Cain (Lancer Shull) and Chloe (Nicole Dijkstra Araghi) share a moment before a bad decision makes everything take a turn for the worst.
REPEAT Offender
Cain realizes he’s stuck living the same day over and over, and that creates an opportunity to set some things right.
NICK ROSE Scouts for Music
Record producer Nick Rose (Ajay Nayyar) is protected by his bodyguard Blanco (Andrew CiTRiC Campos) as he talks with some members of the band Culture Killers at Club Armageddon.
Washed Up DREAMS
Aging rocker Cain Nowak, tired of waiting for his music to take off, contemplates what to do to make his big break happen.
Life on a HARD ROAD
Chloe faces hard choices and everyone pays a price.